FEAR: Are You Scared?
Transform your fear of failure into a vehicle for success


Spencer Lodge is a leader in the international financial services and sales industry with over 24 years of experience. He has personally trained thousands of people during his career and has helped build some of the largest and most successful financial consultancies, delivering expert advice for clients and investors from all over the world.

Having dedicated his career to building businesses and training employees to achieve their full potential, in 2015 Spencer decided that it was time to spread his wealth of knowledge with people who want to learn about the recipe to success and Make It Happen was born. Through Make It Happen, Spencer hopes to give entrepreneurs, employers, and employees the tools that they’ll need to succeed.

“You hold the key to your future, now unlock the possibilities!”

“It’s time to make success your duty! Let go of your fears and all the limitations that stop you from achieving greatness and learn how to make things happen for yourself. Rise above out-dated myths about a mediocre middle class existence and achieve the freedom that you’ve always wanted. Through Make It Happen, we will help you to see the light. You hold the key to your future, now unlock the possibilities!” – Spencer Lodge

Amongst Spencer Lodge’s stellar accomplishments are:

  • Internationally renowned business and sales expert.
  • Top regional director for seven years running on ‘The Bounce’-Middle East
  • Top wealth manager globally for 1999, 2000 and 2003
  • Has successfully trained and coached thousands of people to become millionaires.
  • Offers practical insights on sales and entrepreneurship.
  • "Spencer can change people in ways which very few others could ever imagine possible. He is a once in a lifetime person who leaves an imprint which is never superceeded."

    Mark Swann
    Mark SwannSales Manager at Finsbury Associates
  • "This man knows how to motivate and has a real flair for inspiring his people. I was hugely impressed with the energy, style and enthusiasm he put into staging the programme"

    Robin Fielder
    Robin FielderLeadership & Sales Trainer
  • "Spencer has the ability to inspire, and will help anyone out with his experience and knowledge. You will not meet a more competent professional, and likeable person."

    Terry Howes
    Terry HowesDirector, De Vere Group, Malaysia


The only thing that separates successful people from unsuccessful people is the fear that stands in their way of making things happen.

Through this ebook you will:

  • Learn how to tranform your fear into a vehicle of success
  • Discover how to adapt your behaviour
  • Find new ways to achieve success