• "This man knows how to motivate and has a real flair for inspiring his people. I was hugely impressed with the energy, style and enthusiasm he put into staging the programme"

    Robin Fielder
    Robin FielderLeadership & Sales Trainer
  • It is Friday afternoon and I have just spent the week with Spencer. Spencer has a huge range of sales skills and techniques which he passes on in a professional but fun and energetic manner. As well as motivating the whole office he has sat down and gone through area's of personal weakness with each of the guys in the office. The atmosphere in the office is buzzing - Bring on Monday Morning! Great week Spencer, thank you. I would recommend him to any sales office with any level of experience.

    Ben Mitchell
    Ben MitchellPersonal Trainer at BM Fitness
  • Every so now and then even the best sales people need a bit of a boost. A compass to get them back on track and get their energy levels back up to optimum. I have to say in just one short session with Spencer I feel as though I have a renewed focus. He helped me to outline my goals and push through negative self talk I did not even know was there. I definitely cannot wait for more sessions like these.

    Stephan Hoffman
    Stephan HoffmanManaging Partner at Alexander Mundy Inc
  • Spencer is unbelievably energetic and inspirational. I have known Spencer for just over two years now and would describe him as full of life, dedicated and outrageously hard working. It was not until recently, however, that I attended one of his courses. It is very easy to see how Spencer has become so successful. The sheer energy, positivity, and knowledge he can bring to almost any topic allows him to be dynamic and tailor any course to a specific individual or business. Some people may not be prepared at 07:30 for the levels of enthusiasm you will be greeted with. Though by the end of the day you will be in a much more positive place than you could imagine. I was expecting to become more motivated and focused towards my work from the course, though the teachings Spencer can offer will also allow you to have a much richer and fulfilling personal life. I would recommend speaking to Spencer about one of his courses to anyone.

    David Gray
    David GrayPricing Analyst at Aviva
  • I just had the pleasure of attending Finsbury Associates training program, taught by Spencer. Best instructor I have ever had. High energy, upbeat, engaging, straight to the point, funny at time, challenging, definitely intense. And most importantly, practical and effective.

    Tommaso Tinelli
    Tommaso TinelliSenior Asset Manager
  • I just spent a whole week being trained by Spencer.  Not only (does) he know all there is to know about finance and sales techniques, but he delivers it in a vivid and passionate manner. He is very keen on sharing its background and expertise in a very humble and motivational way. I strongly recommend you to contact and meet Spencer. He will definitely add value to your life.

    Thibaud Million-Rousseau
    Thibaud Million-RousseauChargé de recrutement chez Ozitem